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Search Engine Submissions - How to Submit to AskJeeves / Teoma

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How AskJeeves Works: AskJeeves has its own editors who search the web to find high quality sites on specific topics for which they have received a large volume of queries. When you do a search on Ask the first results will be the "editor's picks" if they have earmarked a site for that query. All other results aside from the PPC listings come from Teoma.

Teoma is a relatively new search engine that makes heavy use of link analysis to determine the importance and relevancy of sites by establishing the communities they belong to (who's linking to who). You cannot submit to Teoma (or AskJeeves) for free but Teoma does actively spider portions of the web. If your site is well linked to by other relevant sites it is likely that Teoma will find and spider your site. This will in turn lead to the site showing in the results on AskJeeves. Or you can pay for inclusion.

Submission to AskJeeves (through Teoma): The Teoma paid inclusion program means that pages paid for are added within 7 days and then updated every 7 days during the subscription period. Teoma results are currently offered via the Teoma web site and integrated into results at Ask Jeeves.

AskJeeves UK: Ask UK also uses Teoma's data but they filter it to ensure that only UK relevant sites are allowed in.

Cost: $30.00 membership fee and $18.00 per page - annual fee
Information and Prices

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