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Search Engine Friendly Workarounds - Optimising Static Sites

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You may find, for a static non-frames site, that the following simple tips will suffice:

  • Kill the splash page. I know I said you may not have to make major changes but splash pages have to go.
  • Your homepage is the most important page of your site, both for search engines and potential customers. Your homepage must have the site's most important keywords worked into the text as well as used in the title tag. The homepage should also have links to all of the most important pages of the site.
  • Make sure each page has text links to the other pages of the site. If your menu is an image map or uses javascript drop down boxes then simply make text links throughout the page's text. Or create a set of text links to go on the bottom of every page as an additional navigation set.
  • Remove code bloat by using external js and CSS files.
  • Tweak your existing html text to include more keywords.
  • Design tailored title and meta tags for each page, highlighting that page's main keywords.

If your site is framed all of the above are still relevant but there are other issues to consider as well - see web site optimisation for frames based sites.

Suggestions for flash or primarily graphical sites can be found at search engine optimisation for flash sites.

Dynamic sites require more effort and unless you are able to spend some time and /or money you will not be able to achieve the best placement possible for all of your keywords. But even if you are not able to use the top suggestions found in search engine optimisation for dynamic sites you can still take note of the workarounds.

Although these will not achieve as good results as the more sophisticated suggestions they do work and are particularly useful if you already have a dynamic site that was not designed with search engines in mind and you do not have the budget and/or time to re-work the development.

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