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Search Engine Submissions - How to Submit to Lycos / FAST Alltheweb

In This Section
  Free submission to Lycos / Alltheweb
  Paid submission to Lycos / Alltheweb

Free Submissions: FAST/Alltheweb is still actively spidering sites submitted via their free add url option with a lead time of 4-6 weeks for most sites, although some are spidered much quicker. The FAST/Alltheweb database is also used by Lycos.com, Lycos UK and HotBot UK.
FAST/Alltheweb Free Submission Page

Paid Submissions: Lycos InSite Select guarantees that a page will be added to the FAST web page index within 2 days, then updated every 2 days for a year. The FAST index provides the main results on the Lycos search results page, and the index is also used by all other FAST partners, as well as on AllTheWeb. Lycos UK will only add the paid for pages if they are on a .co.uk domain.

As is the same with all paid inclusion programs offered by other major crawlers, entering a URL through the program does not guarantee that it will rank well for any particular term nor give it a ranking boost. In order to show well, the pages paid for must be keyword rich and well optimised. You are allowed to submit the same page(s) via the free and paid add url options although it is not necessary.

Cost: $18.00 membership fee and $12.00 per page - annual fee
Information and Prices
Please note: You can now submit to both FAST Alltheweb.com and Inktomi using one form at PositionTech but the price for FAST Alltheweb.com is more than the price listed on Lycos.

NEXT Step: Submit Your Site to Inktomi

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