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Directory Submissions - How to Submit to Yahoo

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Free Submissions to Yahoo: Yahoo.com itself no longer offers a free submission option for commercial sites but some of the regional Yahoo's do. So if your site is non-commercial or if you qualify for a regional listing you may be able to obtain a Yahoo listing for free.
To qualify for a non-commercial listing in Yahoo.com your site has to be not-for-profit and there are only certain categories you can submit to. If you try to submit to a category and only the Business Express option appears then you know you'll either have to pay or choose a different category.
To qualify for a regional listing your business should ideally be based in or primarily focused on the region that the Yahoo you are submitting to covers. You should make sure that the site includes your physical address (if regionally based) and/or is very clear about the site's geographical target market.
If the site is listed in an English language regional Yahoo such as Yahoo UK or Yahoo Canada it will also appear in listings on all the other English language Yahoo's including Yahoo.com as all of the English language data is shared, although it is organised differently in each of the sites.

Yahoo Business Express: Yahoo.com now charges US$299 per annum for a guaranteed review. If your business is based in the US, Yahoo's paid submission option is the only way you are going to get a listing.
Yahoo UK charges a once off fee of £199 for a guaranteed review. Yahoo Canada and Yahoo Australia and New Zealand charge a recurring annual fee of US$299, but some still offer the free submission option as well. Not all regional Yahoo's have a paid submission option, and those that don't offer free submissions instead.
Regardless of which Yahoo you are submitting to, if you are paying for the submission you are guaranted that a Yahoo editor will review the site within 7 working days and give an answer as to whether or not it will be added. If they reject your site there is no refund but you can appeal within 30 days without having to pay again. See Yahoo's Business Express Submission FAQ for more information.

How to Submit to Yahoo: Whether you are paying for the submission or trying to get in for free, the guidelines and rules are the same. Very simply these are:

  • find the most appropriate category
  • use your company name as the suggested title
  • use a 15-20 word description that contains your 2 or 3 main keywords, accurately describes the business/site and makes sense

  • Read Yahoo's Suggest a Site Help section. Another good place to find real time help and information is the Yahoo forum on Search Engine Forums.

    NEXT Step: Submit Your Site to the Open Directory www.dmoz.org

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