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Search Engine Submissions - How to Submit to Inktomi: MSN, HotBot and Other Partners

In This Section
  Who or what is Inktomi?
  Free submissions to Inktomi
  Paid submissions to Inktomi

Free Submissions: Inktomi is a generic search engine which powers the search results (or some of them) at a number of major engines and directories including LookSmart, MSN, Hotbot and Overture. Inktomi still offers free submissions but the queue is long, currently 3 - 6 months for new sites or those without many inbound links.

If you do not want to pay for inclusion into the Inktomi database you will need to try to secure as many quality inbound links as possible, hoping that one of the pages linking to your site is in Inktomi's "free" database. Unless Inktomi finds at least one link to your site they will not spider the site for free. Use MSN's BCentral to submit to Inktomi for free. There is no guarantee it works so you should also consider paid inclusions and / or work on your link building campaign.

Paid Submissions: The SearchSubmit paid inclusion program, while not guaranteeing results in any way, does guarantee that the pages paid for will be spidered and indexed within 48 hours. And because they will be re-spidered every 2 days, any changes made will be indexed quickly.

The annual fee is per page and it is worth noting that ONLY the pages paid for will be spidered quickly, links are not followed. Not all web pages are created equal so be sure to submit the ones most likely to produce high rankings. As the paid and free submission pages are kept in separate indeces it is fine to submit the same pages to both if you want.

Cost: $39 for the fist url and $25 for each url thereafter (up to 1000) - annual fee.
Inktomi Paid Inclusion Prices and Ordering

Index Connect For sites that want to submit over 1000 pages Inktomi has set up the Index Connect service. Especially useful for dynamic sites or those that would normally not be considered search engine friendly, Index Connect allows you to submit the pages via an XML feed with payment on a PPC model.
Index Connect Information

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